Android casino games from are a great way to enjoy the thrill while on the go. Playing on native Android apps makes the experience better.

Basic Android Phone Requirements

Most Android casino games are light. As such, you don't need a lot of space or processing power to play them. Entry-level smartphones are good enough.

However, if you're thinking of reviving an old phone, ensure that it at least uses Android Version 8. This is the oldest but safe Android version.

Choose a Phone You Can Use for Other Tasks

While your goal is playing mobile casino games, there's no point in getting an old device that isn't good for anything else. This will be futile.

Choose a Device Powerful Enough to Multitask

Go for something that packs enough punch to handle other basic uses. This could be browsing the web, making calls, or updating social media.

  • Ensure that your phone is up to date enough to access and use the Play Store
  • Get something with good battery life. You'll be playing a lot. That consumes power

If You Can, Replace Your Old Device

If your daily drive is an iPhone and you want Android casinos, consider getting a good phone that can replace the iPhone completely.

Get a Tablet

However, if you are not willing to completely replace your existing device, consider getting an Android tablet. It can boost your productivity when not gaming.

Powerful vs Entry Level: Which is Best?

While an entry-level device will save on initial costs, it might not keep you going for as long as a mid-level or top-tier Android device would.

  1. A new mid to top-tier device will most probably last longer
  2. You can play other games when taking a break from casino games
  3. They tend to have a better battery life

With this in mind, it would be best to get the best device you can afford. Luckily, even a $100 Android device would be good enough.

Do Brand Names Matter?

Not really. Don't be fixated on brand names when choosing a device for your Android casino games. Instead, you should focus on specifications like:

The Processor and GPU

The processor and GPU will determine how snappy your device will be when playing. The faster and latest they are the better your device will perform.

RAM and Internal Storage

The RAM will determine how fast games load and run. On the other hand, internal storage will determine how many games and apps you can install.

Battery Size

A bigger mAh battery will give you more play hours between charges. This is important if you travel a lot and want to play on the go.

Research and Compare Many Units Before Buying

There are more Android device models than there are Apple devices. Consequently, you have more options for your money. Better research and comparison before buying is paramount.

Are Android Casino Games Worth it?

Unlike HTML 5 online casino games that load every time you visit a website, mobile app games are snappier and easier to play even with poor internet.

Additionally, the Android ecosystem has more of these casinos than any other mobile OS. This is why a dedicated Android device might be a good idea.